Level 3 Care Courses: Understanding Learning Disabilities & Autism Awareness

New Government/CQC Regulation

Were you aware that as of July 1st 2022, all Health & Social Care employees – working for a CQC registered company – must be fully trained in interacting with people who have learning disabilities and autism?

Luckily, here at Aone Training Services, we have pots of funding – in different areas throughout the UK – to give this training out to people fully funded!

Look below to see if you live/work in a funding area! If not, all of our Autism Awareness and Understanding Learning Disabilities courses are still available to be purchased commercially.

For more information, and to apply for these courses commercially, please return to our Health & Social Care home page.

Funding Areas

  • Greater Manchester
  • Birmingham & Solihull
  • Nottingham & Derby
  • Cambridge & Peterborough

Courses That Meet the regulation

  • Level 3 Understanding Mental Health [Certificate]
  • Level 3 Supporting Individuals with Learning Disabilities [Certificate]
  • Level 3 Supporting Individuals with Learning Disabilities [Award]

what will you gain?

All of these are nationally recognised Health & Social Care qualifications. As well as meeting the new CQC regulation that’s been introduced by the government, you will also increase you skills and knowledge within the Care sector!